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And with virtually every business shifting online, from shops to just about every business the growth in learning online has increased rapidly and people are now looking to learn information through video training... Take the site Udemy for example, they currently have over 6,000,000 students registered on their site, paying hundreds of dollars to take video training courses on topics ranging from 'How to create a logo to iPhone photography training and even how to train your dog!
But listen to this, the top 10 instructors on Udemy together have generated over $16 Million dollars and over 90% of people who sell their courses on Udemy make sales!
That's unheard of in the IM space and I myself having sold thousands of dollars of my courses and also
being 1 of only 100 premium business instructors at Udemy I can tell you first hand it really does work!
But being able to create high quality video training courses or info products which you can sell in product launches or simply from your website isn't easy to do, especially with no specific software designed for this exact purpose.
A software which would give you the power to quickly and easily turn your ideas in to motion and give you a product which you can sell online.
Well today we are so excited to present to you video motion pro!

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